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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

UK's Best Cherry Blossom | Sweet Couple | Cherry Blossom Girl | 2015 Spring is Here 走进花的世界 浪漫樱花节

Cherry blossoms are the perfect representation of spring and brought us this wonderful day.

Hello Spring. There's good news for cherry blossom and rape seed field of big fans. 

Spring has truly arrived, with sunshine and beautiful blossom trees around the UK. 

So Spring is here. I love the beginning of every new Season and each one, 

but ''Spring is my favourite'' and it's blooming lovely.  

Paul and I enjoys the sunny weather in a field of oilseed rape, 

and cherry blossom trees in Grimsby. In such a beautiful landscape, 
you can forget all the boring and unhappy things. 
We sincerely hope you LIKE this video. Happy Spring, Everyone!

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