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Thursday, 26 June 2014

London Property Fencing , Roof Repairs & Shop Bin Area Gate‏ --- Repairs Invoice (May - June 2014)

Surrey, London

Tenant has reported the following;

“The large white boundary fence going down the side of the property next to parking area has almost blown completely down in the storm last night. (It's the fence going from the shed to the gate)

My gut feeling is it is the Landlords fence rather than the next door neighbour but you would need to check that today. Could an engineer please come out as an urgency to repair fence?”

Replace fence 


Inc VAT £1144.00

Chris's Garden Maintenance  

Duties Carried Out:
Invoiced for extra work

·        Removed extra fencing 
·        Purchased additional materials
·        Extra labour



A + B = £1364.00

Almost Complete

The whole fence has 

Now been complete

Roofing works 

Inc VAT £1248.40
Whites Plumbing And Hating Ltd

The neighbour has reported his pergola has been damaged by 
my fence and has kindly requested for this to be repaired.

See photos below:

The neighbour asked: Would you be able to get your contractor to take a look / repair this also?

His fence had been correct height and more secure it would have withstood the weather

and my fence is the problem not the weather leaning on his fence he can’t use his garden 
because of health and safety he have sought advice and my responsible for damage.

The neighbours pergola in my own fence are his responsibility.
Since the neighbours never ask for my permissions, 

It's no reason to attached my fence then the neighbour is liable for any damage. 
The fence being my property, and he never pay the share of the fence, 
''he's not entitled to do as he wishes with it''.

I have changed my mind, and will not pay anything to his pergola.
he must pay his own money, and please do not attached to my fence, 

if he do not wish to pay at least half of the fence payment.

Neighbours Garden

Works to be completed

·        Dismantle and take down broken pergola
·        Buy and supply materials for new pergola
·        Build new pergola
·        Dispose of waste materials
·        Take down broken fence
·        (Included from previous Job)
·        Install new featheredge fence
·        (Included from previous job)
·        Labour


Leaders Croydon (Property Management):
I have emailed the neighbour to confirm the pergola has been removed from the fence, 
however have not heard anything yet.

I have kindly requested that Mr Stickley unattached his pergola from the fence so

we can finish the repairs.

Shop Bin Area Gate £320

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